Otakon 2018

Featuring Kojika Cosplay as Tanuma (Natsume Yuujinchou) and Modred (Fate GO/Apocrypha); Alex as Haseo (.hack) and Saleri (Fate GO); Jess as Natsume (Natsume Yuujinchou) and Prompto (FFXV); Tai as Noctis (FFXV); and more.

Photos by Kojika and Tai.

Gencon 2018

Featuring Kojika Cosplay as Nick (Zootopia), Mercy (Overwatch), and Saber (Fate/Stay); DarkChrnoAngel as Judy (Zootopia), DVa (Overwatch), and Rin (Fate/Stay); and more. 


Photos by John U, Kojika, and Firearmofmutiny.

Get Geek'd Expo 2018

Featuring Kojika Cosplay as Aty (Summon Night 3) and Yurika (Nadesico). Photos by 2MuchWong and Ranefea, editing by 2MuchWong.

Acen 2018
Kojika as Pyrrha, Mordred, and Wolfram; Rei Li Cosplay as Nora, Jeanne, and Yuuri; Nick as Roman. Photos by Kojika, Aero, and Urd-chan.
C2E2 2018

Featuring Kojika as Heroine X, Mercy, and Nick Wilde; Darkchrno Angel as Rin, DVa, and Judy Hopps; 2MuchWong as Spiderman; Alex as Ariel; and more.

Photos by Kojika; private shoots by 2MuchWong.

Uchicon 2018

Featuring Kojika as Saber, Darkchrno Angel as Rin, and more. Photos by Kojika.