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Photos by Kojika, Himeko, Sakura, and Urd-chan. Resized by Himeko!

John's Hachi, from Initial D Hachi again Hachi from front Hachi side view Hachi almost back view John's Mazda RX-7 FC FC from sideFC from the side and back FC from the back John with his FC Kira from Gundam Seed Zazie from Trigun Amanda dressed from Utawaretemo Chris dressed from Air Gear Komiko as Nanashi from MAR, close up! Kojika as Riza (FMA) out of it... Pink Door Inc sign Pink Door Inc-heart boxes Pink Door Inc-flipflops Pink Door Inc-visors Pink Door Inc-FMA box plus Pink Door Inc-tshirts Pink Door Inc-badges and bookmarks Pink Door Inc-more bookmarks plus Pink Door Inc-keychains plus Pink Door Inc-Zos Kias ad Pink Door Inc-cups white Zelda FF cosplayer Himeno from Pretear FF cat peoples nyah~! Sakura as Mako in the FC (Initial D) Sakura as Mako in FC again Mako in FC Mako in FC, farther view Mako in FC, zoom in Sakura as Mako and Kojika as Sayuki from Initial D Mako solo Sayuki too busy talking to pay attention to camera Sayuki solo Eurobeat King as Ryosuke with the FC (Initial D) Ryosuke with FC Ryosuke with FC again Ryosuke kneeling by FC Random shot of John Make by FC Mako and Ryosuke by FC Mako and Ryosuke again from a diff angle Make daydreaming about Ryosuke Natsuki (Himeko) and Takumi (John) getting into hachiNatsuki and Takumi in hachi in hachi again In hachi, from side Natsuki hug Takumi in hachi Nick just being insane Closeup of Chibi Takumi leaning against the hachi Takumi with hachi again Ryosuke with FC Blurry Takumi and Ryosuke with their cars Mako and Ryosuke Doll by FC Mako leaning on FC Mako in FC Mako in FC again Mako in FC from side Mako in FC from front From front again Natsuki, Takumi, Mako, and Ryosuke in front of FC Big group again Now a litte closer Kojika as Dorothy V2 and Komiko as Nanashi from MAR Komiko as Nanashi from MAR Dorothy (Kojika) kissing Ginta from MAR Dorothy (Kojika) punch Nanashi (Komiko) Dorothy (Kojika) doesn't want another pic Satori trying to think Nanashi (Komiko) playing with her plush Dorothy (Kojika) putting on chapstick Hazuki from Tsukiyomi Kojika and Travis <3 Dorothy (Kojika) going fangirl Dorothy going fangirl, again Hachi FCFC from frontHachi from front FC from angle Hachi from angle John as Takumi from Initial D Himeko as Natsuki from Initial D Takumi and Natsuki by Hachi Takumi and Natsuki by Hachi again Mako and Ryosuke by FC Mako and Ryosuke by FC againDifferent pose now Different poses again Takumi and Ryosuke with their cars Zoomed out now Another picTakumi by his hachiJohn as Takumi and Eurobeat King as Ryosuke by their cars Facing each other Ryosuke patting Takumi Cars getting read to race Another picClose-up of TakumiAnother one Front shot Shots are moving back Another front shot Front angle shot of Takumi Takumi's concentrating FC still on the hachi's tail Front shot Side angle shot Side almost front angle Back and side angleClose-up of RyosukeFollowing along sides Front shot again Front shot again Over angle of Takumi Over angle of Ryosuke The gap between them Front again, lights on! Touching bumpers Takumi leaning by the hachi Ryosuke leaning against the FC Ryosuke with his labtop With his labtop again Still typing away Extreme close-up of John! Ryosuke, Takumi, and Natsuki by the cars Natsuki and Takumi by the hachi Ryosuke by the FC Natsuki and Takumi by hachi Natsuki and Takumi in hachi from the front from the other side closer from the front Takumi and Natsuki kiss Takumi in his car Now you can see natsuki, too From the frontfrom Natsuki's side again Once again from the side From the front