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Photos taken by Himeko and Sakura, resized by Himeko!

NeoMikey...king of the bed! Hikaru from Angelic Layer Subaru from Tokyo Babylon NeoMikey as the sign guy from Zelda Ryosuke figure...driving...Sakura's insanity Ryosuke in a cup... Ryosuke with a Ryosuke doing the disco NeoMikey again... Ryosuke is pimpin! Ryosuke with pepsi Ryosuke through the Pink Door Colleen from Last Hope Takumi Figure on the Hachi plush (Initial D) John with Takumi on his shoulder Ryosuke patting Takumi on the head Takumi hugging Takuto (Full Moon wo Sagashite( John with his eyes closed Himeko as Natsuki (Initial D) Himeko as Natsuki, with her head turned Ryosuke with his FC Takumi on his hachi and Ryosuke with his FC Cosplayers from Eureka 7 and Magna Carta Random Porsche Porsche from the front Porsche from an angle, kinda fuzzy Sakura as Snow-hime with Yuki-chan (MAR ARM Battle) Kojika as Dorothy (MAR ARM Battle) Himeko as Natsuki (Initial D) Snow (Sakura) and Dorothy (Kojika) cleaning Himeko as Natsuki, peeking out Sakura as Snow, being Sakura Sakura as Snow gathering pinecones Kojika as Dorothy resting Himeko as Natsuki, napping Sakura as Snow skipping towards Yuki-chan Himeko as Natsuki leaning against a tree Midna from Twilight Princess Himeko as Natsuki in a corset Cramer, Ryan, and Julia Himeko as Natsuki with odd lighting The result of Sakura's mini-camera war with Cramer John sleeping the fountain in front of the hotel Himeko as Natsuki in a tree Cramer pouting at the tree Now Cramer is in the tree Sakura as Snow looking over the bridge The whole gang from St Louis Himeko as Natsuki on a ledge John um...trying to fly? Julia trying to push John in