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Photos by Kojika, help from Sakura and Urd-chan.

Sakura being crazy Koneko being adorable Himeko and Kojika when Kojika found the timer on her new camera! Sailor Venus Ryuk from Death Note Koji as Squall and her friend as Seifer from FF8 Sakura from Tsubasa (girl with table next to ours in AA) RyoOhki and Kenouki from Tenchi Sakura as Snow V2 (MAR) playing PSP Mute, Ruu, and Ahiru from Princess TuTu Sakura as Snow V2 (MAR ARM Battle) Snow nuzzling Yuki-chan SNow and Yuki-chan close-up Kojika in the Karaoke contest (so embarassing) Still singing More singing And yet another Asuna from Negima! Kurai and Kurenai from Recca no Honoo Taikobou from Senkaiden Houshin Engi An amusing Yoh from Shaman King Danielle from Danny Phantom Manga Meroko and Full Moon from Full Moon wo Sagashite Awesome armor~! Shiva from Final Fantasy VIII Master Roshi from DBZ! Majora's Mask group with a random Link cosplayer (Zelda) Luke and from Tales of Abyss Sakura as Claude from Star Ocean 2/EX Claude brandishing the sword Swinging the sword again Another shot with the sword Claude from behind Kojika as Albel from Star Ocean 3/Till the End of Time Albel from the side Albel swinging the sword Albel kneeling with sword Albel from the back Albel (Kojika) and Claude (Sakura) face off (SO 3 and 2) Um Claude...? (peeing on a tree) Claude and Albel fighting again From a different angle Claude and Albel Claude and Albel attempt ballet Albel carrying Claude Albel and Claude fighting with their special techniques Sakura in a Gir hat Snow (Sakura) and Dorothy (Kojika) from MAR (ARM Battle Password versions) Another shot Glomp time~! Dorothy (Kojika) and Neko Squall (Koji) Dorothy taunting SnowSnow riding on Dorothy's backSakura as Snow from MAR (ARM Battle) Snow hugging Yuki-chanClose-up of Snow and Yuki-chanSnow soloSnow curtesyingKojika as Dorothy from MAR (ARM Battle)Dorothy riding Zephyrus broom Dorothy hugging Nanashi plushCloser shotSnow playing with Dorothy's hairSnow and Dorothy, trying to figure out Yuki-chanKojika with Sakamoto Chika!!!