~Gensoumaden Saiyuki Series~
by Minekura Kazuya

Reload Blast -- Ibun -- Gaiden -- Doujinshi


~Saiyuki Reload Blast~

SUMMARY: The boys of Saiyuki are at it again! As they continue their journey west, they come across a mysterious village, isolated from the outside...the only human residence still standing in a mountain full of youkai. No matter where these boys go, trouble always follows!

~Volume 1~


~Unsorted Chapters~

Shot 4.2
Shot 4.3
Shot 4.4
Shot 4 Omake
Shot 4.5
Bathouse Omake
Shot 4.5.5
Shot 4.6
Shot 4.6.5
Shot 4.7
Shot 4.7b
Shot 4.7.5
Shot 4.8
Shot 4.8.5
Shot 4.9
Shot 4.9.5
Shot 4.10


~Saiyuki Ibun~

SUMMARY: Before Kouryuu became Genjyo Sanzo and the Maten Scripture fell into his hands, it belonged to Koumyou Sanzo. Formerly known as Houmei, Ibun tells the story of his trials to become a Sanzo, and the tragedy that befell him to grant him both the Maten and Seiten Scriptures.


Omake: Born to Be Wild

~Saiyuki Gaiden~

SUMMARY: 500 years before the adventure of Saiyuki started, a heretic child with golden eyes was brought into heaven. He falls under the care of the begruding Konzen who names him Goku, and starts to make friends with others amongst the paradise known as heaven. However, heaven is far from a paradise. Protecting Goku becomes the ultimate goal, but with the entirety of heaven against them, there's more than the life of one child at stake.

Chapter 5


SUMMARY: Up in Heaven, a new part-timer joins the team under Tenpo and Kenren's care. He gets to see the so-called "ants" from the inside.

Tenjo no Ari



Unsorted, miscellaneous Saiyuki books released as doujinshi or separate entities rather than in serialization.