PKR has a verys mall staff. We try to be self sufficient, which means we try to keep all of our projects 100% in house, from scanning to finishing. We are happy to do collaborations and accept RAWs if we can find them, but by doing it all ourselves, it saves us time and hassle.


We have the following positions:

Translator- translates into English (typically Japanese to English)

Scanner/RAW provider- scans in the manga and gets it to us in it's original form (sometimes also does minor cleaning)

Cleaner- cleans scans for editing

Typesetter- places text into cleaned bubbles

Editor- combination of cleaner, typsetter, and proofer

Proofer- proofreads script

(*most of our jobs are a combo)



Sanzaki KojikaOwner, Translator, Finisher
TalisX- Head Editor, Scanner/cleaner
Maxubex- Editor, Typesetter
GreatSpid- Scanner/cleaner

Please contact Kojika for most questions.