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I have been hard at work this whole time, on commissions and various projects. Having 2 Kickstarters run their course on top of each other has definitely been daunting, but vol 15 will certainly move much quicker than the other. But, for those of you who didn’t see the Kickstarters and aren’t aware of what is coming, I figured it was a good time to post about it, as well as something surprising~

Volume 15 has finished its Kickstarter and will be the first to release despite being the latter Kickstarter. To put it simply…it was almost complete before it started, and because so many people were asking me about it, I bit the bullet and just decided to let the Kickstarter go. Those who backed the Kickstarter will have many amazing goodies that will only be available with it, but you may seem some of the bigger ones in the store at a later time.

This latest installment sees the climatic conclusion to the Vampire storyline! Find out just how terrifying Lillian of Zos Kias can be! Meet other members of the Lunae Luberi, including the infamous Crowley! And finally learn the truth of the Necromancer, as well as a bit more about the stoic Kallik…

Lillian tears apart Peter in a brutually unbalanced fight. The thirst of the demon inside her cannot be quelched- at least without a little help. But just when the battle seemingly seems over, the Necromancer returns, but she’s not alone!

Release will most likely be Oct 2023 for general public.

The Kickstarter finished last month, but some of the rewards are still in progress since I was swamped with work for art as well as at the comic shop and Akiba Soul, plus con season. I am really in love with the cover art turned out! And the content of it…of course <3 This has been my favorite storyline to write thus far!

Zos Kias volume 1 full color edition Kickstarter is taking much longer than expected, on the other hand. Part of it was that initially I only intended to do some minor clean up and adjust colors, but that OCD showed its ugly head and I have been redrawing a LOT of this.

This book is not just unique in the fact that it is full color, but it will also be sold in digest size instead of manga size!

This version will of course be more expensive, but I did try to keep costs to a minimum. Instead of $8, the book will be $25. Eventually, the other volumes will also join suit. The earlier volumes definitely need a lot of work.

This will probably release winter of this year. Hoping it doesn’t take longer.

I am also hoping that at the end of these two, I will be able to complete one of the novels I am STILL writing just at a much slower pace. As Written in the Stars is already going into volume 4, so at the very least, I may consider doing a Kickstarter in November for the second volume in print if there is enough issue.

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Zos Kias, Volume 15. The next installment in the ongoing webcomic. As Lillian's battle ends, a more cruel battle begins! The end of the vampire arc