Sanzaki Kojika

Fawn Szymoniak, aka "Sanzaki Kojika" has been a resident of the fantasy world from a young age, growing up in a house full of books and mythology. Her mother introduced her to fantasy works by authors like Barbara Hambly and Terry Brooks. By the age of 8, she had already written her first novel (albeit crudely). On top of her writing, she is also a freelance graphic designer. She has several graphic novels self-published, including her ongoing webcomic series "Zos Kias," at 14 volumes in 2021, with a new one each year.

On top of writing and drawing her own work and taking  on work for clients, she also teaches art classes at a local art gallery, including Photoshop and Intro to Manga, and has taught a variety of other classes based on fantasy and Japanese art styles over the years. She enjoys sewing and cosplaying. And honestly, if she could be a dragon, she would.