Beyond the Dancing Flames

Book 1

“In a world of forgotten magic, the Land has fallen to chaos and war. At the head of the chaos ride the Dragon and Phoenix empires, mercilessly fighting over control of the land. The war has lasted far too long, but the end is near. The Dragon is about to stumble. In a desperate attempt to avoid their eminent defeat, they reach out to find a replacement for their heir, a young desert boy named Shima. While the Dragon is searching desperately, they fall into an internal struggle for control of their empire and future. The Phoenix must try to put an end to this madness. But will the madness overcome them as well?”

Paperback – Ebook


Across the Wavering Landscape

Book 2

“Twenty long years have passed since the fall of the Dragon Empire. During this time, the Phoenix and the newly founded Crescent Luna have worked hard to bring peace to the land. A dark rumor lurks beyond their reach, telling of the dragon’s return. When the rumor hits close to home, young Amren, heir to the Phoenix Empire, takes off across the land with his phoenix partner Anya to destroy the dragon. As Amren and Anya are wrapped up in the dark secrets surrounding the dragon, a new danger arises and a new battle begins.”

Paperback – Ebook


Into the Fading Twilight

Book 3

“When the land falls to dark times, the Phoenix Princess Ambrosia finds hope with a vision of her own. She leads Faun and her allies into the West, hoping to track down the ever growing darkness. While they head into danger, Amren and Abaou Qu are freed from their magical prison. Abaou Qu and the dragon are finally ready to act, and even with Amren and Anya at their side, it may not be enough to save them.”

Paperback – Ebook