Zos Kias is a webcomic that updates twice a week. It can be read online at www.zoskias.com


Volume 1

“The gates between the dimensions have been open. A large organization called Ordo Templi Orientis was created to help uphold the balance. These ‘gatekeepers’ are broken down into smaller groups and sent to guard the gates, under the watchful eyes of the Templi council. Zos Kias is one of these numerous groups.

Mizuno Umishin has been a member of Zos Kias for years and has been anxiously awaiting a partner. When he finally gets his wish, his new partner may be more than he can handle! From magick users to vampires, Zos Kias never has an easy job! But…fighting may be the easiest part of it!”



Volume 2

"Umishin and Light have become partners, but they are still far from being friends. As Light adjusts to being a member of Zos Kias, he has more than his share of problems to deal with. It's bad enough having your partner thinking you're a vampire, but Umishin has taken it too far! Is their partnership been doomed from the start?"



Volume 3

“Lily, the little Dark user, proved to be plenty of trouble for Zos Kias, but she’s not done yet! The fight with her might be over, but getting her to settle in is another story! Everyone takes a short break to adjust to the newest member.”



Volume 4

“Light is forced to face his past head-on. As he struggles to overcome it, friends become enemies, and he finds himself slipping. Can Light overcome his older brother?”



Volume 5

“Light is finally able to get the upper hand, but he soon comes to a startling realization. As the battle ends, he‛s left with more questions than answers, but he finally is able to come to terms with his past. While Light and Umishin take a break, Randy and Natasha plunge into the next case, only to find Randy facing a bad memory from his past as well!”



Volume 6

“With things settling down, and the others resting, Kazehiko heads out with Lily to London for her first on-field training mission. Not only do they have a handful waiting for them with their mischevious target, but their chaperone isn’t someone that’s easy to deal with either! Upon their return to Zos Kias, Kazehiko goes straight back to work. Lily wants to play, but the playmate she finds might be enough to change her mind!”



Volume 7

“Everyone is starting to see double! The Doppelgangers are only getting stronger as they start to copy the more powerful members of Zos Kias. While everyone”s on defense though, the gang in the lab suddenly finds themselves in a dangerous situation… Can three researchers hold off the attack until help arrives?”



Volume 8

“As if fighting against themselves wasn‛t enough, the true enemy has finally shown its face. Lillian takes on the violent Trap, with assistance from the Head of Defense herself. But with an enemy this strong, are Lillian, Houren, Megumi, and Ryouga enough? Trap isn‛t the only problem, though. Two others are working to entirely annihilate Zos Kias. Zos Kias isn‛t about to give up though! Drastic situations call for drastic measures, even if it means asking for help from some less than friendly “allies.” The fight is on in the most action packed volume yet!”



Volume 9

“The final doppelganger has appeared and she might be more than Zos Kias bargained for! Even running away is proving to be tricky.”



Volume 10

“The dooplegangers are finally defeated, but not without paying a heavy price. As Zos Kias licks its wounds and tries to recover, Natasha and Randy take a mission that leads back to Natasha’s hometown in Wales. With their trip home blow the winds from her past.”



Volume 11

“Though time has passed since the battle against the doppelgangers, the scars still remain. A strange energy reading is left behind, and Kazehiko goes to investigate it, only to find himself face-to-face with the enemy. Even as the physical wounds heal, the members of Zos Kias are left broken, struggling to come to terms with everything that has happened..”



Volume 12

“A strange, dark energy is stirring up trouble in England, and a battle against the undead is just the beginning. Lunae Liberi is decimated in a horrendous attack, and Zos Kias joins the investigation. There are more questions than answers, leading Lillian to seek help from old acquaintances. Vampires, demons, and witches are on the loose, and London won't know what hit it.”



Volume 13.

"Working together with the vampires and witches of London, Zos Kias digs deeper into the investigation to search for more clues. Splitting up, they focus on finding out just what happened and who is behind it all. Contradictory information has their heads spinning, and there's still surprises waiting ahead.

Light and Umishin's group comes face to face with the plant demon. Alexandria seems to be the most effective against it, but even witches have their limits. If they can just hold out, help is on the way!"



Volume 14.

"The bloody fight against the plant demon comes to an end, thanks to the assistance of the Coven. While their fight comes to a close, the others are still locked in battle.

Tessa, Trevor, and Viridian are caught fending their lives from the dead. The necromancer wields her power over the corpses like puppets, making them near impossible to beat. But luckily for them, they’re not alone!”



Volume 15.

"Lllian tears apart Peter in a brutal frenzy. The thirst of the demon inside her cannot be quenched - at least without a little help . But just when the battle seems over, the Necromancer returns, and she's not alone!

Enemies become allies in a cruel battle where the lives at stake have just barely begun. In this fight... how can there be any winners?”

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