The Archive of Sinners 5: Sloth



“In the burning summer heat, Chicago is plagued with a string of gruesome murders. The corpses turn up mangled, their skins entirely stripped off. The cases are weeks apart, and the only thing the victims have in common is their ghastly demise. There are no leads, no hints, no trace of the killer left behind. And without a client, Cain Investigations is forced to sit on the sidelines.

When another body washes up along Lake Michigan, the Chicago PD is desperate to bring a close to the case, assigning it to Detectives McKinley and Vargas. As they dig deeper into their investigation, McKinley starts to be haunted by nightmares. Fearing for her life, she seeks out help from Cain Investigations, hiring them to get to the bottom of these murders before she becomes the next victim.”

The Archive of Sinners, book 5. 376 pages.


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