Zos Kias Volume 01 Digital

Zos Kias Volume 1



“The gates between the dimensions have been open. A large organization called Ordo Templi Orientis was created to help uphold the balance.  These ‘gatekeepers’ are broken down into smaller groups and sent to guard the gates, under the watchful eyes of the Templi council.  Zos Kias is one of these numerous groups.


Mizuno Umishin has been a member of Zos Kias for years and has been anxiously awaiting a partner.  When he finally gets his wish, his new partner may be more than he can handle! From magick users to vampires, Zos Kias never has an easy job! But…fighting may be the easiest part of it!”

Original release summer of 2007. Revised edition release spring of 2020. 105 pages. Chapters 1-5.


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