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“In their tiny Chicago-land office, Vere and his partner Thomas take any case big or small, and will do anything to see it solved. A woman hires them to find out the truth behind her boyfriend’s sudden illness, but when their case takes a turn towards the supernatural, they might not be enough.

When Thomas falls prey to their mysterious attacker, things only get worse. Armed with minimal knowledge and left to fend for himself, Vere’s in for the ride of his life. He might have found help, but his new partner is a creature of nightmares herself – a Succubus.”

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“When paranormal activity happens in the area, Cain Investigations are the ones for the job! Thomas, his partner Vere, and their newly “hired” assistant Priti receive a strange request from a duo of German ghost hunters to help get back an antique mirror. A simple search job turns south when they learn a ghost is haunting it.

The deeper they delve, the more they learn about the mirror’s terrifying past. Driven by an insurmountable hatred for greed, the ghost is out for vengeance, and she may have just set her sights on Vere and the team. Even with a succubus on the team, will they be enough to defeat it?”

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“Cain Investigations takes any case, normal or paranormal! They are hired to investigate a girl’s boyfriend, who she worries could be cheating. Weeks of investigation lead to nothing, and they declare the case closed. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The boyfriend seeks them out and implores them to find out what is causing his new and strange behavior.

Investigating Ken turns a bit hairy when they discover he has become a werewolf. While they figure out how to help him control his powers, the rest of his pack shows up to reclaim him. Not willing to give up easily, Vere and the gang try to fight back, but taking on a pack of werewolves may be more than they can handle.”

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Book 4 of 7

“Cain Investigations is broken. Vere is ensnared by his grief, and cases are the last thing on his mind. An unexpected call from the police draws him back in when Mrs. Johnson, a frequent client, is found murdered. As Vere steps into her life, he discovers a side of her he never knew. And, on top of everything else, her dog is missing.

While he desperately searches for the lost dog, a mysterious young girl named Mysleriana shows up at their doorstep claiming to be a witch’s familiar. She alleges that Mrs. Johnson murdered was because of a book of black magic she was protecting. Witches are running rampant in Chicago, and Vere has to pull himself together if he hopes to stop them.”

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Book 5 of 7

“In the burning summer heat, Chicago is plagued with a string of gruesome murders. The corpses turn up mangled, their skins entirely stripped off. The cases are weeks apart, and the only thing the victims have in common is their ghastly demise. There are no leads, no hints, no trace of the killer left behind. And without a client, Cain Investigations is forced to sit on the sidelines.

When another body washes up along Lake Michigan, the Chicago PD is desperate to bring a close to the case, assigning it to Detectives McKinley and Vargas. As they dig deeper into their investigation, McKinley starts to be haunted by nightmares. Fearing for her life, she seeks out help from Cain Investigations, hiring them to get to the bottom of these murders before she becomes the next victim.”

Paperback – Ebook