One Crazy Year!

It’s been one crazy year thus far, and there are still a few months left! I’ve been mostly focusing on getting my health in better shape this year, which has meant that I’ve been slowly down on some of my projects. Of course, Zos Kias is still going with its two pages per week, but I’m also cranking out even more pages to complete the latest volume. Patreon has kept me pretty busy, but thank you everyone for all the support! Also, Twitch was a surprisingly fun place to connect with people, so I’ve been using it when I can to showcase and just have fun with my viewers.

Hanif is still also scheduled to be done by the end of this year. I’ve made great progress on it with all the doctor’s appointments I’ve had and the waiting time. You can get sneak peeks on it via my Patreon, too.

You will find me far more active on Social Media (especially Twitter) than here, so be sure to check it out for active updates. Thank you again for all your support!

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Zos Kias, Volume 14. The next installment in the ongoing webcomic. A rough fight against a necromancer and Lillian's backstory!